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No one should have to endure a divorce on their own, especially when compassionate, skilled legal help is available. Jason W. Johnson, Attorney at Law, LLC, is here for you if you or your spouse has decided to end your marriage.

Attorney Jason W. Johnson has served as a county family law attorney, handling many complex and high-conflict situations in Missouri. He understands the local and state court procedures for divorce inside and out. With him as your guide, he can put you on a path toward a successful resolution and a fresh start.

He can help you with all issues pertaining to divorce, including:

You deserve an ally to advocate for your best interests at every step of your divorce. Attorney Johnson can explain your legal options as he stands up for your rights. If you live in the Springfield area, he is here to provide the family law services you need.

How Do Missouri Courts Divide Property?

Asset division is easily one of the most complicated parts of a divorce. You want to receive the best outcome possible while adhering to the state’s laws of equitable division. Under equitable division, the court divides assets and debts in a fair manner between each spouse.

This does not necessarily mean that everything will be divided 50-50. If one spouse has a higher income than the other, for example, the court may award them fewer assets. Additionally, if one spouse has separate property that is of more value than the other spouse’s, or if one spouse has engaged in marital misconduct, the court has the discretion to stagger the division of the marital estate. Since there is a lot of room for interpretation in equitable division, it is crucial to have a lawyer like Mr. Johnson who can help ensure you receive your fair share of the property.

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