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An Attorney And Municipal Judge With Extensive Experience In Family Law

Family issues can be some of the most difficult and emotionally trying to go through, especially when it involves that which is most precious to people, their children. When you are in these types of cases, you need an attorney that you can rely on with the knowledge and experience to help you navigate these issues. With their help, you can minimize the damage to your family. You can find that at Jason W. Johnson, Attorney at Law, LLC, in Springfield.

As both an attorney and a municipal judge, Mr. Johnson has extensive experience guiding families through divorce, litigating paternity suits and helping keep families safe through ex parte orders of protection. As a certified guardian ad litem, he also represents children and vulnerable adults, protecting their rights and looking out for their best interests when a parent or legal guardian is unwilling or unable to do so. Mr. Johnson is there to help individuals and families in nearly all aspects of family law.

Representing Families And Individuals In Family Law Matters

Family law issues are almost always fraught with emotion and stress. Jason is known for treating his clients with compassion, respect and a calm demeanor. His goal is to minimize conflict and work toward resolution outside of the courtroom through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. However, when going to court becomes the only option, Mr. Johnson has the experience and knowledge to deliver the most favorable resolution.

Attorney Jason Johnson has experience in all aspects of family law, including:

    • Divorce
    • Paternity suits
    • Adoptions
    • Child custody arrangements
    • Child support arrangements
    • Custody and child support modifications
    • Termination of parental rights cases
    • Ex parte orders of protection
    • Administrative child support actions
    • Child abuse and neglect review board appeals

No matter what your family law needs are, Attorney Jason Johnson has the skills and experience to help. Mr. Johnson represents all litigants in family law disputes. He also can help you explore less contentious divorce options if you are looking for a faster, simpler solution to your situation.

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When you are in need of help to protect your family and get through a difficult family law case, you can come and speak with Mr. Johnson to get the help you need. With his help, you can rely on his knowledge and experience to defend your rights and advance your goals. To schedule a consultation with Attorney Jason Johnson to discuss your legal needs, call 417-708-8078 or fill out our online contact form.