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Bringing Families Together Through Adoption

One of the most important moments in a person’s life is welcoming a new member to their family, and adoption can be a rewarding option for many people looking to expand their family. Adoption is a legal process by which a person or couple can make someone their child, granting them the same rights as a biological child may have. Adoptions can take many forms, from stepparents adopting their spouses children, family members adopting their related child, state agency adoptions or even foreign adoptions. Knowing which option is the right fit is a highly personal decision.

At Jason W. Johnson, Attorney at Law, LLC, in Springfield, Mr. Johnson has been helping to bring a family together for over 28 years. As both an attorney and a municipal court judge, he has a long career of serving both clients and the public with his legal knowledge and skills. With his focus on family law cases and criminal defense representation, he has a deep understanding of the law and how to present cases in court.

Understand How An Attorney Can Help You With Your Adoption

When you are ready to begin pursuing adoption you need to first decide what type of adoption you are going to pursue, as that will determine a great deal of the process for you. However, there are some generally similar steps that will be done. In most adoptions, the state requires that you sent in an application called a petition for adoption with the appropriate court. Mr. Johnson can help you by preparing your petition and ensuring that all of the appropriate documentation is provided so that you can avoid any mistakes or errors that can cause a delay or denial of your petition.

There will be many hearings and court conferences that Mr. Johnson can assist you with as you proceed with your adoption. Following this, a home study is nearly always required by the court, although in some cases such as an adult adoption this may not be the case. Once all of these preliminary steps are complete, you will have a final judgment hearing at which point final legal rights will be granted to you as the new parents of your adopted child.

Let Mr. Johnson Help You On Your Journey

It may sound like a daunting process, going through many hearings and having your home investigated, but at the end of the adoption, you will have a new member in your family. Mr. Johnson is proud to help people with their adoptions and his office is always open to taking on new adoption clients. If you would like to speak with him about your adoption, then call his office at 417-708-8078 or send him a message with a brief description of your goals.